Invisible Candidates

Last year, the Field Institute conducted a statewide study "assessing the public's confidence in several institutions, government and professions." High-tech companies tipped the scales with a rating of 750 points. The lowest ratings were insurance companies (-84); lawyers (-78); media (-52).

One of the reasons for the public's disdain for radio, television and newspapers can be seen in a August 7, 1998 "news" article in the SF Examiner by City Hall stenographer Rachel Gordon. After listing The Machine's candidates for the November supe race, Gordan mentioned three relatively well-known contenders and declined to name the other 16 candidates. She authoritatively dismissed them with: "Among those who have signed up, but whose chance for success is, to be polite, dim are a United Parcel Service deliveryman, a Muni driver and a temporary office worker."

We see. The Ex's Gordan tailors her news "reporting" to curry favor with those currently in power. To gain "access" to the sitting supes, she is willing to deny the possibility of existence to their competitors.

As a public service, SFI biked down to the registrar's office and found a list of all the invisible candidates. The deliveryman and the Muni driver dropped out probably after Gordan spit on them in print.

Lucrecial Bermudez - Immigrant Rights Organizer

Denise D'Anne - Resource Conservation Manager

Sam Lucas - none

Shawn O'Hearn - pending

Carlos Petroni - Newspaper Editor

Len Pettigrew - teacher

Jim Reid - Entrepreneur/Computer Consultant

Tahnee Stair - Temporary office worker

SFI's election Rule of Thumb is to vote for anybody but the incumbent. The trick is to minimize the amount of time any politician has in office. SFI does not endorse candidates, but we do vote; and we sure as heck will vote for the temporary office worker. We will also vote for Carlos Petroni and his pal Bermudez. They might end up being just like the rest of the supes; but they are sure to shake up the good old boy network for a day or two - maybe even longer.

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