Where do Reports come from?

Every week the supes get an Agenda Package with reports on pending legislation from Budget Analyst Harvey Rose; several Legislative Analysts; and the requesting department. Here's how it works.

The department that wants money writes a report. Harvey Rose reads the department's report and then cribs directly from it to write his report. Sometimes Rose asks the department a few questions and sometimes he even lowers the amount of money requested. Seldom does Rose come out against a funding request from the political machine that pays his million plus yearly tab.

The over-paid Legislative Analysts taking up valuable public space at City Hall read Rose's report and then copy it almost word for word. Voila!

What's really amazing about the Legislative Analysts, however, is that they are extremely stupid. In their report on the Green Machines, for instance, they claimed that a 20,000 ton increase in street debris over a 14 year period was "exponential." Duh. If the original 24,000 tons had increased "exponentially" we would be socked in with trillions of tons of garbage taking up most of the known universe!

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