San Francisco's Cyclists Need Your Help Now!

Cyclists in San Francisco are used to being bashed by motorists. The city is one of the most bicycle-unfriendly places in the world.

Now San Francisco cyclists are being bashed by the media, the Mayor's Office, and the San Francisco Police Department.

Currently, there is a near total news media blackout about the facts surrounding the July 25th Critical Mass ride in San Francisco.

One way you can help is to join our action list at You'll receive the latest news as it happens and concrete suggestions on what you can do to help (letters, e-mail, faxes, phone calls, etc.).

Another way to help would be to put a link to this site on your home page and encourage others to do so, especially cyclist organizations. Here are some graphics.

We'll be adding other action steps soon. Meanwhile, goal #1 is to increase awareness about the real facts of the case. Please help spread the word.

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About the media blackout

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