Cycle Messenger Championship

Program from the 1st Cycle Messenger Championship Berlin, August 27 - 29

The disrespect shown skilled workers who work for freedom and challenge, not money and status, is largely an American phenomenon. Disparaged in San Francisco, bike messengers are not automatically assigned to second class citizenship in other parts of the world as this program shows.


  • Program Cover

    "The cycle messenger of today have their origin in the U.S. They challenge and master metropolitan city-traffic with speed and flexibility, thus offering a professional and environmentally safe service to customers."

  • The Course

    "More than 370 participants out of 16 nations will compete in the spirit of real sportsmanship, in the spirit of friendhship and mutual understanding. . ."

  • The Final

    "Six checkpoints have to be met. Pick up packages at checkpoint 1. Deliver the first package at checkpoint 2, where an actors crew will cause some funny difficulties. Point 3 demands some tough driving skills. Checkpoint 4, real eggs have to be delivered non-damaged! Checkpoint 5 is a tunnel checkpoint and point 6 asks the drivers to change inner tubes."

    Contributions to the family may be sent to:

    Casey Moe Memorial Fund
    c/o SF Fireman's Credit Union
    2390 Market St.
    SF, CA 94114
    Attention: Michelle

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