How to Stage a
"Picture Perfect" Media Op
- Conclusion

When people ask me "why media ops?" I tell them: "It's for the kids. A city with uncontrolled cyclists is no place for a child to grow up in. Media ops lets the SFPD participate in the important task of presenting Mayor Brown's progressive tranportation policy to the public."

Map for EZ reference

Media ops: Crisis Creation Tactics - 3

  • Visual aid #12: Another subject for RVM.
    Location: intersection of Broadway and Larkin.
  • Visual aid #13: Lieutenant Keith C. Sanford assists the subject to his feet by twisting his wrist behind his back.
  • Visual aid #14: Mr. Blue was held a bit longer which allowed us the opportunity to give the news media pictures of a cyclist going to jail.
  • Visual aid #15: With the cyclists gone, the congestion in the eastbound lane cleared immediately. Traffic in the westbound lane was another story, but the news cameras weren't interested in that.
    Location: Looking west on Broadway
  • Visual aid #16: In case there were any stragglers, I ordered the motorcycle units to remain in the middle of the intersection blocking Larkin Street. You can't be too careful!

    This report prepared by:
    Deputy Chief Dick Holder

    Winner - The 1997 Richard J. Daley Award

    Who orders the violence and why?

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