Heading west between First and Second Streets

Sansome is the turn off to the right. The dotted line is the general direction of the van. It has not been reported what lane he was in. The solid line is the purported path of bike messenger Casey Moe.

From this view, the extreme distance (50 feet) from the eastern end of the crosswalk (Decaux billboard) and the place where Moe's body landed is not perceivable. Witnesses reported a flight of 15 to 20 feet. It's difficult to imagine witnesses confusing 15 to 20 feet with a distance of 50. Why weren't the eye witnesses who claim to have seen his path and the impact asked about where the collision occurred - or were they?

The best way to mislead people as to exactly where Moe was struck would be to take them to the vantage point in this photo and show them bicyclists making the left turn onto Sansome Street.

Unsubstantiated police claim: "He attempted to cross the westbound lanes onto Sansome Street." - Chronicle

Contributions to Casey's family may be sent to:

Casey Moe Memorial Fund
c/o SF Fireman's Credit Union
2390 Market St.
SF, CA 94114
Attention: Michelle

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