So what did happen to Casey Moe?

Clearly, the official record is highly suspect.

A clue might be found in this e-mail report which somehow did not make it to the newspapers.

"I heard from a coworker/friend who came upon the scene right after Casey had been hit (so didn't really see it happen) that people there said there was a pedestrian involved. That Casey was swerving to avoid hitting the pedestrian who possibly stepped out into the street because the sidewalk was too crowded -- not necessarily with people, but with stuff, e.g., the kiosk, the BART/Muni elevator and entrance. She said that the pedestrian disappeared."

Market Street just before Sansome.

The above photo was taken on Friday, September 5th at approximately 8: 20 AM, the same time of day as the incident which caused Mr. Moe's death. Note the pedestrians walking on either side of the crosswalk boundries. Note the man in the crosswalk in the blue shirt just to the right of the second tree with back to the camera wheeling something large and hard to maneuver.

Another man porting a large wheeled
object through the crosswalk.

Note the red pedestrian signal and the pedestrians standing on the curb waiting for the signal to change. Notice that the porter is standing on or just off the curb, but his burden is clearly in the street blocking the bicycle lane while the light clearly registers red.

Pedestrians also obstruct the crosswalk area against the instructions of the traffic signal

For some reason the camera failed to capture the flashing red traffic signal, but any person with a good camera can duplicate an image like this in ten minutes or less at this corner during the morning rush hour.

Note how huge the crosswalk is. Mr. Moe's body was found where the red circle is on the left. The corner of Sansome and Market - where he is reputed to have been making a "left hand turn onto Sansome" - is somewhat beyond the red arrow on the far right.

If there were eye witnesses who really saw the accident, surely they told poilce where the collision occured. Why has the public been misled as to this important fact?

Why are there billboards on Market Street when California Highway law prohibits them? Who changed the law and why?

Why does the San Francisco Police Department tolerate speeding on Market Street during the morning rush hour?

Why is a working man, a tax payer, and the father of a one year old boy automatically blamed for his own death when the cause of his death is a collision with van owned by JC Decaux?

Contributions to Casey's family may be sent to:

Casey Moe Memorial Fund
c/o SF Fireman's Credit Union
2390 Market St.
SF, CA 94114
Attention: Michelle

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