For those who don't know Ms. McCahan, she is the person who:

1. Posed as a "representative" of Critical Mass.

2. "Negotiated" the imposed July route with the mayor's office in spite of the fact that she had no authorization from the riders to plan the route for them. Since its beginnings over five years ago, the route is a matter of democratic vote.

3. Did not go on the ride, but instead, by her own admission, hung out in Justin Herman Plaza with members of Brown's PR staff, the local media, and the police.

4. Reported to the media and online afterwards that the ride was a disaster, it was the riders who "blew it" and Critical Mass was finished.

5. Attacked me and the web site as soon as we put up the first pages questioning why the police abandoned 10,000 cyclists in downtown rush hour traffic without warning or notice. Though she had this information, she apparently made no effort to get it to the media in spite of the fact she had numerous opportunities to do so.