Five Years of Good Relations

(2) Eye Witness Reports

Report 1

Source: Mark Kahn - Critical Mass mailing list (7/26/97)

I never had or saw any run-ins with cars in the police-facilitated masses which I attended (twin peaks and ggb). For the TP ride they were too busy huffing and puffing with the rest of us. The Motor bike cops in front - didn't stop us when a few decided to get ahead of them. Did block lights. They are the legal corkscrews. That's an asset.

I have had no problem with the police presence, not counting this week. If they could have blocked off market street on Friday, there may have been a lot less hatred thrown around, and maybe some of those deserving arret receiving it (masochists, err..., motorists). This is meant to be a highly subjective post, shot thru with my own biases. But then, MOST things you will read on this will be such, too, only many who give such heavily biased accounts will soberly swear they are giving an "objective report".

Report 2

Source: (name witheld by request of attorney)

For the past 3-4 years the rides have been peaceful and escorted by the SFPD even up the tough Twin Peaks on bikes!! They have been lawful in that the escort implies sponsorship by the SFPD. In fact last year's ride across GG Bridge involved the SFPD, the Park police, the CHP and Marin Co police. I have always enjoyed a dignified ride. Last Fridays ride was a fiasco, engineered into disaster by a power hungry mayor and incompetent police department. The people of SF, cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, commuters on Muni deserve better.


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