Video stills from Broadway and Larkin (the Broadway Tunnel)
September 26, 1997

Police illegally detain cyclists on Broadway
at the corner of Larkin for 15 minutes

Police cars with sirens - Racing extras to an engineered photo op

The party's over

Watching their backs

What they faced

Full riot gear

Riot club

Handcuffs - What are these for?

Motorcycle cops blocking the tunnel

Radio reporter behind police lines

After the riders were finally let through,
motorcycle police tore random cyclists from their bikes and slammed them to the ground

TV news crew ignores the police line and interviews motorists caught in "another" Critical Mass traffic jam

Traffic backup caused by police line blocking Broadway

Cyclists freed

Cyclists heading towards tunnel

Cyclist knocked down

Riot police walking towards the knocked down cyclist

Putting on the handcuffs - a group activity

Instant criminal

The charge? A simple moving violation

Another cyclist taken down

Twisting his arm

A photo opportunity - Note the TV camera by the Sheriff's wagon

Moments after the cyclists were released the east bound lane of Broadway in completely clear

Police remain in the middle of Larkin blocking the traffic

Police and media - one hand washes the other

Target: Critical Mass

Bottom Line:

When Captain Dennis Martel was in charge of escorting Critical Mass, it took 35 police officers and the rides were peaceful. Since responsibility for the ride was turned over to Dick Holder by Mayor Brown in July, it takes 200 police officers to not escort it.

  • An in depth analysis of Deputy Chief
    Dick Holder's tactics
    - (warning: satire ahead)
  • Who orders the violence and why?
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