"Respect is votes at the ballot box" - Willie Brown responding to jeers from Critical Mass riders

Three reasons why Willie Brown dislikes Critical Mass

Reason #1. Bicyclists, unlike his "former" patrons, gambling, tobacco, and oil companies do not pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars for his allegience.

Reason #2. Bicyclists tend to be people who work for a living, not part of the spectacularly corrupt local governement of San Francisco or its supporters. Therefore, bicyclists are less likely to passively accept the media's superficial and inaccurate coverage of local events. Given this, when Mr. Brown appears before a group of bicyclists, he gets an accurate appraisal of his character and performance as mayor of San Francisco: boos and catcalls.

Reason #3. Brown makes constant reference to his "support at the ballot box," but his well trained lawyer's mind prevents him from refering to "voters." Here's why.

Note on Critical Mass flyer:
"Be ready to vote. . . like we have for years."

Read about the other democratic election in San Francisco that didn't go right in the summer of '97.

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