The Hall of Fame

Here are the San Francisco-based news outlets that reported the details of this story prior to the Internet picking it up:

  • San Francisco Investigator
    Peter Byrne ran a story in his June newsletter

  • San Francisco Liberation Radio, 93.7 FM
    Richard Edmonson devoted one hour to this subject on July 2, 1997

  • The Wired News Service
    Editor Kevin Kelleher assigned a writer to take a look at what we were doing and why on July 14, 1997. This article provides proof that the Chronicle and Examiner were formally notified about our work by a fellow journalist - and chose to continue looking the other way.

  • The Western Edition, August Issue
    A neighborhood paper shows up the "big boys" and the faux "progressives" and got the last official interview with Germaine Wong before she resigned as San Francisco's Director of Elections

  • The Daily Journal, September 5, 1997
    The daily California paper for the legal industry deserves huge credit for being the first "legitimate" news outlet to take this story seriously.

    The Local News Hall of Shame

    Here are the ones who have ignored the story.

    Note: The reporters who work for these news outlets are not necessarily to blame. Their publishers and editors determine what will and will not appear in the news. Call and write them and ask "why no story on the election fraud problem in your city?" Be prepared for some dazzling verbal footwork (assuming they bother to answer you at all.)

    1. The San Francisco Chronicle

    2. The San Francisco Examiner
    Editor: Phil Bronstein
    Managing Editor: Sharon Rosenhause

    3. The Independent (no web site)

    4. The San Francisco Weekly
    Search their archive for "election fraud" and you'll get a surprising answer. They've never heard of it.

    5. The San Francisco Bay Guardian
    Executive Editor: Tim Redmond
    The Guardian, San Francisco's "leading" alternative weekly, has been aware of this web site since June 5, 1997. In fact, two of its writers subscribe to the newsletter. As of their July 16th issue, they have yet to let their readers know of this site's existence.

    6. Bernie Ward and KGO AM News.
    "He's smart. He's opinionated. He's local." - and he's become surprising soft on Brown in recent months. How come? He's on from 7PM to 10 PM (810 AM)- 415-808-0810
    Call him up and ask to talk about fraud in the stadium election and see how far you get.

    7. All the local television news stations:

    Channel 2, 510-834-1212
    Channel 4, 415-441-4444
    Channel 5, 415-362-5550
    Channel 7, 415-954-7926

    8. CitySearch

    All were provided with the same information you have in front of you and they turned down (or delayed to the point of absurdity) running the story.

    Note: Getting off the Hall of Shame is easy. Just give San Franciscans a fighting chance to see the evidence for themselves and make up their own minds. As for the Hall of Fame, that's a little harder. That train left the station long ago.

    Ammendment: 9-5-97.Getting off the Hall of Shame is now impossible. The record will clearly show that the local San Francisco news industry cooperated in the cover up and surpression of this story and did not cover it until forced to by overwhelming events.

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