The Incredible Disappearing Election Records

If there's nothing to hide, why won't Director of Elections Germaine Wong and Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown let Doug Comstock examine the voter books of precincts where fraud is suspected? See if you can figure it out.

Here's the timeline:

1. On June 9th and then again on June 10th, in front of witnesses, Germaine Wong promises to make precinct records available for Comstock's examination upon written request.

2. On June 20th, Comstock faxes a request to examine specific records. See copy of original letter

3. On June 25th, Wong replies:

"We have never received such a request after an election is certified, and thus, I have sought the counsel of the City Attorney."

"After the City Attorney responds, I will be in contact with you." See copy of original letter

4. In a letter dated June 30, 1997, Comstock points out that access to these records was promised many times and, given the City Attorney's outspoken support of the stadium proposition, submitting the question of access to her creates a conflict of interest. See copy of original letter

THE PROBLEM: In order to challenge an election, the complaint must be filed within 30 days of the election's certification. In order to file a challenge, evidence must presented. The Director of Elections is making it impossible for evidence to be gathered.

If there's nothing to hide, why is the Director of Elections making it so hard for Doug Cosmtock to examine the precinct records - and why does the local media continue to ignore this story?

Maybe Ms. Wong can explain it to you: 415-554-4375

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