Update - July 26, 1997

Here's the official story to what happened to the citizen complaint letters: an employee took half of them home and then went on a long vacation. She'll be back in August.
Source: Germain Wong, Director of Elections
Eye and ear wtinesses: Doug Comstock and Ken McCarthy

Several dozen San Francisco citizens say they called the Department of Elections on election day and afterwards with complaints and concerns about the June 3rd stadium election. The Department of Elections is required to keep a record of all complaints received on file.

Did they?

And if they received these complaints, why have persisted in telling the press that everthing was "normal" on election day when dozens of citizens are prepared to testify otherwise?

Letter to the Department of Elections Director Germaine Wong

July 9, 1997

Dear Mrs. Wong:

This is an Immediate Disclosure Request {#67.25(a)} under the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, to inspect and copy, the following public records.

All complaints and concerns, received regarding the June 3, 1997 special Election. This includes logs of phone calls, written complaints, interoffice memoranda that would bear on complaints or concerns received about the preparation, preconditions, procedures, conduct, gathering, poll conditions, ballot problems, poll and precinct operations, counting, tabulation, checking signatures, voters unlisted - any communication which would bring more information to the public about the election in general.

In accordance with the Sunshine Ordinance, I am available to inspect these records on Thursday, July 10, 1997.


Doug Comstock

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