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Inside a Terror Cell

How the "War on Terror" industry
justifies its existence by
turning innocent people into "terrorists"

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We've spent half a trillion dollars on this

The 9/11, the Spain train and the London underground bombing were real. That much we know.

What we don't know, is who was responsible for them. In all three instances, the suspects died and/or got away scott free. There have never been charges, arrests or trials for any of these crimes.

What we do know is that there hasn't been a single credible arrest in the US and the UK on "terror plot" charges since September 11. The news media feeds us screaming headlines when arrests are made, but when the smoke clears and the charges are proven to be preposterous and are dropped, no one reports the rest of the story.

The so called "War on Terror" has already cost the US over half a TRILLION dollars - and that doesn't include the war in Iraq or increases in the military budget.

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