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Meet the Bush Family

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Nazis, crooks and murderers

George Bush Sr. may have had a much more interesting past that what appears in his official bio.

His father Prescott Bush, banker to the Nazis and grandfather of George W. Bush, sponsored the rise of an obscure California right-wing politician who socialized extensively with Nazi sympathizers: Richard M. Nixon.

Richard Nixon hired a "gofer" to assist him with his campaigning and other matters: Mob-connected Jack Ruby who later moved to Dallas.

Just days after the Kennedy assassination, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover pointedly mentioned "Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" in a memo discussing the reaction of right-wing Cubans to the assassination. One of the boats used in the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion were coincidentally named "Barbara" (the name of Bush's wife) and the operation itself was called "Zapata" the name of Bush Sr's oil company with rigs just off the north coast of Cuba.

Richard Nixon and George Bush are distinguished as being among the only people in America who later claimed they could not remember where they were the day Kennedy was assassinated.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Real American history. The kind people get killed for talking about.

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