1. Health advisories for New Yorkers

    • New York Committee on Occupational Health and Safety resource page


      Detailed information on continuing health risks in lower Manhattan related to the attack and what you can do to protect yourself

      Includes specific recommendations for face masks and respirators for anyone involved in cleaning an apartment or business in the area. Also includes information on government relief programs for those effected.

    • Independent tests done on dust from the WTC collapse show elevated levels of asbestos and fiberglass


    • Misinformation from city, state, and federal health officials repeated by the New York Times

      http://www.nytimes.com/2001/09/14/nyregion/ 14ENVI.html?ex=1001490597&ei=1&en=3dff69f4a2f78ae9

      "Generally, the biggest risk posed by those substances would be to people who have a heightened sensitivity to chemicals, Dr. Siegel said. He said that one of the lowest risks would be from inhaling asbestos fibers, if any were released when the towers fell."

    • FAA Advisory Circular


      Depleted uranium was once used in commercial aircraft construction. Guidelines for its safe handling at crash sites are published by the FAA. Originally noted by Brasscheck on 9/13/01, there has still be no public dislosure on this subject

  2. Law enforcement and intelligence failures

  3. The World Trade Center towers, when built, were exempted from normal New York City building and fire codes because the owner was a government agency, the Port Authority.

    Fire, not impact, seems to be the main culprit in the collapse of the towers.

    The towers were going to come down, no question, but the issue is when? How much longer could they have remained standing had they been built to code?

    "Mr. McMullin noted that the Empire State Building withstood the impact of a World War II bomber which plowed into it in a dense fog in 1945. The difference this time, he believes, may have been the size of the fires generated by the impacts."



    If the Port Authority had not been granted an exemption from these long established New York City building and fire codes, it is likely that thousands more people, including hundreds of firemen, would have survived the September 11 attack.

    Terrorists attacked the building, but it was corrupt New York officials who created the condition by which the buildings could collapse so catastrophically.

    Read the code

    "All new high rise buildings in NYC should be constructed under the 1938 building code, requiring all structural steel to be insulated by several inches of concrete and plaster.

    All components must be able to withstand fire and heat at elevated temperatures for four hours. This would provide ample time for evacuation and mitigate the total collapse of the structure."

    Joseph J. Rebando
    Battalion Chief (ret.)
    Letter to the Daily News, 10/8/01

  4. Fraud at the FAA
    • The FAA falsified airport security reports
      Source: 60 Minutes, September 16, 2001

  5. Book Review:
    Target America
    Terrorism in the US Today (1993)

    Title: Target America: Terrorism in the US Today
    Author: Yossef Bodansky
    New York: Shapolsky Publishers Inc, 1993
    ISBN 1-56171-269-8
    (Printed outside of the US under the title "Target, the West")

  6. Relief efforts

    Many of the people killed in the World Trade Center were undocumented aliens working at low wage jobs. It is difficult for the families of these people to apply for and receive assistance. My guess is that thousands of working poor families in NYC either lost a breadwinner or are otherwise without an income as a result of the destruction of their workplace.

    We have found one group, a Catholic run charity that specializes in outreach to Mexican immigrants in New York that is taking an active role in finding and helping these individuals. Contributions to this organization are fully tax deductible. It's called The Tepeyac Association of New York.

    If you know of any other groups that are doing this kind of relief work, please write us with the details. Thanks.

    Other Relief Organizations

  7. How you can get a copy of Target America (out of print and unavailable from online used book sources) and help the relief efforts at the same time.

  8. Unsung heroes


    How private citizens who rescued a NYFD fire boat from the scrap heap played an essential role in providing water to World Trade Center area firefighters during the critical first 36 hours after the attack before severed water mains could be repaired.

  9. Tragic parallels

    http://www.emperors-clothes.com/ 1/rem.htm

    In 1998, the KLA, supported by Islamist terrorist organizations including the Osama bin Laden, initiated a terror war against civilians and civil authorities in the Yugoslavian province of Kosovo. The US and NATO took the side of the KLA and initiated a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia targeting oil refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing plants and food processing facilities. Brasscheck reported on this extensively as it was occuring: http://www.brasscheck.com/yugoslavia

  10. Resist the attack on our civil liberties

    Perennially regressive elements of the United States government have seized on the catastrophe of September 11 to push their pet schemes for limiting the freedom of Americans through Congress. Many of the proposed laws do nothing to improve the security of Americans but do much to undermine our basic freedoms. More information here

  11. Other recommended information sources

    "There has never been a war in human history that wasn't based on lies, deceit and deception. The only reason for watching CNN is to witness a fraudulent cover story as it is being unfolded step by step."
    Ken McCarthy

    For those with the courage to study:

    Emperors Clothes
    Detailed analysis of the bigger picture. Oil, drugs, and the CIA.

    News clippings from around the world for the rest of the story.

    A clearinghouse for ideas that are "unthinkable."

    Orlin Grabbe
    An irreverant, but astute look at how the world really works.

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