Help spread this important background information on the
9/11 attack on the World Trade Center

Yes. I want to help the relief efforts and support this site.

I understand that for whatever reason this information has not been made available to the general public and I want to take steps to actively help change that.

We can only defend ourselves with accurate information and, as the coverage of the slaughter of over 6,000 innocent civilians on September 11, 2001 shows, we cannot rely on the US media or the US government for the facts.

In exchange for my $29 contribution, which will be donated to relief efforts, I will receive a copy of Yossef Bodansky's out-of-print paperback book Target America published in 1993. The book is in new condition. (This offer is good while supplies last only.)

A one time charge will appear on my card as "Amacord."

Contributions will go to:

1) organizations supporting the hundreds of families of low income workers who lost breadwinners in this catastrophe,(i.e. the kitchen workers, custodians, clericals and others who died or were injured, many of whom had no life insurance) and

2) support the ongoing work of volunteer emergency maritime workers who evacuated several thousand workers and residents by boat from lower Manhattan on the day of the attack and risked their lives to pump water from the Hudson River to provide firefighters with the only source of water during the first 36 hours after the attack until the water mains could be repaired (See New York Times, September 23, 2001 for details.)

Note: Payments made to this project are NOT tax deductible. The organization carrying out this project is NOT an IRS-certified non-profit group. However, records of all money received for this project and how the money is dispersed will be available to all contributors.