"July 25th: The Secret is Out"
A Video Documentary

How the mayor of a notoriously corrupt US city used a premeditated police riot to try to sidetrack public debate about his bankrupt transportation policy and silence some of his most vocal critics

Produced by the Bicycle Civil Liberties Union (BCLU)

One hour long

"HIghly recommended. Fun to watch in spite of its ominous message." - CC

"Remarkable account of how police created a riot on demand for political purposes. The first time this kind of thing has ever been documented on film. " - KM

"Chilling expose. Makes you wonder about the news media which lets itself be conned so easily." - PB

To get your copy a donation of $25 to:

Bicycle Civil Liberties Union
P.O. Box 15071
Berkeley, CA 94701-6071

Suggested donation $25, postage paid. No one turned away for lack of funds. Please include a phone number and/or email when ordering.

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