From Mike from Davis:

Here is another part of the story that I didn't include in my original post. At about 8:50 I was waiting for a BART train to arrive, and I got worried about the way channel 5 was going to cover the crash. So, I called 'em up. Here's how that conversation went:

5:"Hello, Newsroom.."

Me: "Yes, are you planning on doing a story on tonights Critical Mass?"

5: "Yes"

Me: "Do you need any information on the SFPD motorcycle that was involved in an accident?"

5: "No, not really"

Me: "Well, I was an eyewitness"

5: "We were there, so we have everything we need"

Me: "So you know that the officer crashed after colliding with another motorcycle cop?"

5: "But they were caught up in the middle of the cyclists"

Me: "No, they were off to the side, and he hit another motorcycle"

5: "Well, we were there, so we have everything we need, Thank You"

End of Call