Here is the letter I sent to the OCC, as well as to the Mayor's Office and the
office of Police Chief Lau:

Office of Citizen Complaints

Dear Sir or Madam:

The first part of this letter is a description of events I witnessed last July 31st, during the Critical Mass bike ride through San Francisco. This is followed by my reaction to those events. I am willing to testify to everything in this letter.

I left Justin Herman Plaza with a large number of other riders heading down Market Street. When the ride reached Church Street, I noticed roughly a hundred cyclists gathered on the west side of the intersection, near the subway elevator on the north side of Market. There were also several police motorcycles present, which led me to believe that a cyclist had been stopped for running a red light.

When the light turned green, I crossed Church and joined the crowd surrounding the police. The police had one man in a standing hold with his arms behind his back. While I was watching, the man seemed to try to pull away from the police. The officer in front of the man then struck him in the stomach. The detained man fell to the ground. The same officer then kicked the man twice in the stomach area.

At that point, a woman came out of the crowd, obviously distraught, and started pleading for the police to stop their beating. She was crying. One officer who was standing in front of the woman then punched or clubbed her across the face, and she fell to the ground.

One officer kneeled on the neck of the man who was being kicked, and pressed his face against the concrete with one hand. A ring of police surrounded the woman facing outwards, and I could not see what was happening with her or her condition.

I am a recent resident of the City, having bought a home in SoMa last December. This coincided with moving the software company I founded to San Francisco's South Park neighborhood. What I saw last Friday shocked me. I have never before witnessed such brutality outside of war documentaries. In my opinion, some members of the San Francisco police force have taken it upon themselves to 'teach a lesson' to bicyclists via the inappropriate use of force. It is my hope that the officers responsible will be relieved of duty. They are not serving the public - they are only playing out their own emotions.


Ron Lussier

CC: Mayor's Office, Chief Lau