The case against Eugene Hill, the last Critical Mass defendant facing manufactured criminal charges, is dismissed

April 2, 1998

After nine long months the San Franicisco District Attorney's office has finally seen fit to dismiss all charges against Mr. Eugene Hill.

Recall that Eugene was the courageous pedestrian who, during the July 25, 1997, Critical Mass ride, attempted to take photographer Bennett Hall's camera to the media, after belligerent police officers committed a battery upon Mr. Hall, illegally placed him under arrest and illegally seized his camera. For this, Eugene was tackled, handcuffed, pepper sprayed and beaten with a baton (in that order). Sadly, the District Attorney's Office prosecuted the victim, instead of the rogue officers.

I would like to thank all of my friend's in the bicycling community for their support in defending Eugene, especially Mark Motyka who provided invaluable help in preparing the defense. In the end, the overwhelming evidence of Eugene's innocence convinced the prosecutor that he wouldn't have a chance in front of a jury of twelve ordinary citizens.

Sean Worsey
Eugene Hill's attorney

If you would like to register your complaint against how Mr. Hill and others were treated by the mayor's office, the District Attorney, and the police, consider faxing the letter below.

- Ken McCarthy


Dear (fill in the blank):

Why did Terence Hallinan continue the prosecution of Eugene Hill, an innocent man, who was assaulted by police on the night of July 25 in downtown San Francisco for nine long and pointless months?

Why did the police refuse to release the film in Bennett Hall's camera which they illegally seized that night and which contained relevant evidence for Hill's defense?

Why did the Office of Citizen Complaints (OCC) drag its feet on reporting the evidence brought to them on this matter?

I am a (describe yourself) and I am very concerned about this gross miscarriage of justice (or your own calm and brief version of the same.).


Your name here.

Fax all to all three for MAXIMUM IMPACT and cc:

Terence Hallinan District Attorney 880 Bryant Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Tel. 415-553-1752 Fax: 415-553-9054

Mayor Willie Brown 401 Van Ness, 3rd floor San Francisco, CA 94102 phone: 415-554-6141 fax: 415-554-6160

President, Rhea Serpan San Francisco Chamber of Commerce 465 California San Francisco, CA 94104 phone: 415-392-4520 fax 415-392-0485

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