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The Community Web Project

  • Survival Begins at Home by Ken McCarthy
    Microsoft, AOL, CitySearch et. al. want to be your "community" web publisher. Just say no!
  • The Fillmore Museum by E-Media
    One of 20th century America's most dynamic neighborhoods destroyed twice by "official" San Francisco and almost erased from history.

    The Counterintelligence Project

  • Resources for media analysis
  • The George Seldes Internet Archive
    The online archive of one America's greatest investigative journalists and media critics

    The Scam Francisco Series

  • Official San Francisco and Jim Jones: The Untold Story
  • Peter Byrne's "The San Francisco Investigator"
    One of the nation's leading authorities on municipal corruption and fraud
  • Election Fraud
    Political corruption and press compliance
  • Official Cyclist Bashing
    The mayor, the media, and the police department

    Book promotions

  • The Courage to Stand Alone by Wei Jingsheng
    One of the leaders of China's democracy movement still in jail after nearly 20 years for calling for, and refusing to recant, free elections and free speech.
  • Heartfield Versus Hitler by John Willett
    The anti-Fascist art of German modernist John Heartfield (b. 1891)

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