Postcards from Seattle

Questions to ponder

  • Who decided on the terror strategy?
  • Where did all the money come from for the equipment and training to carry it out?
  • Who conducted the training?

    This image was not received until December 12, 1999. There is a huge amount of photographic and video evidence emerging that documents the terror campaign waged by Seattle police and others against WTO protesters as well as residents and visitors to the city. To date, very little of this evidence has been made public - even in the alternative media.

  • Facts

    1. Police stood passively by and watched while black hooded "anarchists" torched their police cars, but when it came to dealing with peaceful demonstrators, no mercy was shown.

    2. Police arrested very few people on charges of damaging property. They included a "drifter" and a young woman who is known to be experienced and active in peaceful, non-violent protest. She denies having anything to do with the property destruction.

    3. Undercover cops posed as rowdy protesters

    Serious Injuries to peaceful demonstrators

    UPDATE 12-2-99/7:30 PM - CNN reports US military sent "advisors," including active duty Special Forces, to "assist" Seattle police in their preparations for the WTO meeting.