Postcards from Seattle - and Oakland

Questions to ponder

  • Who decided on the terror strategy for the Seattle WT0 meeting?
  • Where did all the money come from for the equipment and training to carry it out?
  • Who conducted the training?

    Marines (or reservists or police officers in military uniform?) get the
    hang of arresting unarmed US protesters during "inter-agency"
    crowd control exercises held last spring in Oakland.

    Oakland Urban Warefare Training - Spring 1999

    Seattle, December 1, 1999. Welcome to America's "Free Trade City."
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    Seattle, Dec 1, 1999. What today's well dressed, "free" trade gun thug is wearing this year.
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    Hey, if your free trade is such a good deal
    then why do you need the guns to enforce it?

  • Flashback: Who else used its own cities for chemical warfare training and called it defense

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