Why can't the Department of Elections Produce Basic Documents?

The following information has yet to appear in any San Francisco newsaper


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"Cover-up Emerges

When inquiries into the irregularities of the election began on June 5th, Germaine Wong, Director of Elections, assured us "we have absolutely nothing to hide." We soon found something entirely different.

A major question - who had the ballots for 3 1/2 hours? No one knows! No one was hired, nobody signed anything - they would have us believe that 160,000 voted ballots were transported around from place to place without any organization.

The questions were first posed (by Doug Comstock) in a 24 hour Sunshine Request dated July 29 of last year to Germaine Wong. She responded: "the information is being gathered."

Hearing nothing however, a follow-up requested was filed. Ms. Wong replied "we do not have documents responsive to them."

After repeated attempts we sent a very specific sunshine Request to Naomi Nishioka, new Acting Director, who responded on Nov. 25:"...we have not been able to locate receipts for ballot box deliveries..." Three weeks later:"We have receipts from some of the drivers, but not all...some got wet and cannot be read."

We received only 66 copies of the drivers receipts of 535 locations, 12% of the ballots...

More is being covered-up. They still refuse to reveal an invoice, request or purchase order for the printing of the ballots, or existing documents showing the involvement with Walden House and the counting of the ballots. The failure to produce them is prima facie evidence that a cover-up is under way.

We continue to wonder, if there is nothing to hide, why the cover-up?"

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