What's wrong with this ballot?

The ballot you are looking at is unique in the recent history of San Francisco elections for at least two reasons:

  • Instead of being blank, as all other ballots have been, this one was printed
  • The ballot was printed on both sides

    This ballot was printed in such a way that an observer could easily tell at a glance how you voted and no paper sleeve was provided for privacy as has been in all previous elections.

    In the normal procedure, the voter sticks his blank ballot into a "voting machine", reads about his choices on the front of the machine, makes his selections, and his ballot is punched by the machine. The voter then carries his ballot (which can only be read by a computer card counter) to the ballot box protected in a paper sleeve.

    That the ballot was printed on both sides is also very peculiar. As any person experienced in direct mail will tell you, when you print an order form, you do everything you can to avoid printing on both sides. Why? A certain percentage of people will fail to turn the card over.

    Turn it over

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