Former Housing Commissioner Asks Feds to Investigate Stadium Election Finances

Barbara Meskunas, former President of the San Francisco Housing Authority, has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development advising them that a check for $2,000 was drawn from the SFHA Revolving Fund Account to pay for "special" polling places in the stadium election.

Meskunas futher points out in her letter that the location of these polling places was not made available to the general public and that, prior to their discovery by local news media, the only groups that knew about them were the Department of Elections and the 49er campaign.

Here's a copy of the flyer that was passed out at a pro-stadium motorcade/rally held on Third Street on May 31, 1997, attended by the mayor accompanied by a motorcade of San Francisco police. (Note: the phone number on this flyer rings when called, but no one answers it.)

Here's a copy of the check and the memo from the Housing Authority authorizing the illegal polling places. All these things: using federal funds to promote a political cause, creating secret polling places, and using city resources and personnel to promote a political cause are illegal.

What's going on in San Francisco?

Maybe Germaine Wong, Director of Elections, can explain it to you: 415-554-4375

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