Nearly eight months after the election, the State overseer of elections issues a report

  • The Secretary of State's Report

  • San Francisco DA Terence Hallinan is:

    - A Long time friend of Mayor Brown
    - A fully vested member of the political machine that has taken control of San Francisco's elections
    - An ardent supporter of the stadium ballot measure
    - Made the decision to let the one election fraud criminal caught red handed off with a slap on the wrist
    - Ignored a mountain of evidence of illegality in the stadium election for nearly eight months until publicly called on by Secretary of State Bill Jones to conduct an investigation into illegal polling places.

    Here's the result of his 24 hour investigation.

  • For the record, as established in public testimony before the Board of Supervisors in October, the polling places in question:

    - Were opened without public notice
    - Were concealed from voters who called the Department of Elections to ask about early voting options
    - Were known only to the "Yes of D & F" campaign and
    - Were advertised at a "Yes of D & F" rally in Bayview/Hunters Point at which the Mayor appeared

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