Election Fraud in San Francisco:
The Untold Story - 27 minutes

Includes testimony and evidence regarding secret polling places opened on behalf of the "Yes on D & F" campaign with federal housing funds.

This web site has over 150 pages of information on election fraud in the June 3rd election in San Francisco and has been visited by over 10,000 people since it was started June 5, 1997. In spite of this, except for a mention by CNN in September, news of the site's existence has been completely blacked out by the local news media.


Are the advertising dollars generated by reporting 49er games and related land and construction deals more important to the owners of our local press and their friends than free and fair elections and the public's right to know?

Or are they simply embarrassed to be scooped by a web site?

Whatever the reason, the odds of getting the complete story about election fraud in the June stadium election from the news media are exceedingly slim.

Because not everyone can afford the several hours it would take to read and absorb the evidence contained on this site and not everyone has easy access to the web, we've created a 27 minute video that presents the highlights of the case.

The hearing you didn't hear - and won't believe

The video is made up primarily of testimony from a little known public hearing that held October 28 nearly give months after the election. Though Supervisor Amos Brown did his best to interrupt and dilute the testimony of witnesses and Supervisor Tom Ammiano did his best to trivialize the evidence of massive, widespread fraud in the June stadium election, the public finally got its chance to speak.

This video shows exactly how bad the problem in San Francisco has become and includes shocking footage taken inside the vote counting room during the November election in which San Francisco voters supposedly agreed to a $500 million dollar water bond issue

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