9/11: The live footage they made disappear

Undeniable evidence – withheld

Watch the “instant” Fox New expert at the end

When you think back to 9/11, what most people remember is seeing the planes fly into the buildings, over and over again.

Why do you remember that?

Because this footage was shown over and over again. It’s still the defining imagery from that day.

What you didn’t see – or maybe only saw a few times – was DETAILED footage of the extraordinary, unprecedented collapse of the two towers.

Some of the footage was NEVER shown to the public. Other footage was only run live ONCE and then ‘disappeared.’

When you see the footage on this video it’s crystal-clear obvious what happened: The buildings were destroyed by expert controlled demolition.

There are three mysteries here:

1. What caused these building to collapse?

2. Why did the news media all together in concert show the “plane crash” video over and over again and make the dramatic collapse footage disappear?

3. Where did all the “instant experts” come from that day who immediately after the buildings collapsed “knew” that the impact of the planes and the “hot” fire caused them to collapse – months before any forensic investigation.

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