A glorious history – suppressed

The first freedom fighters who showed the way

William Loren Katz (1940-2019)

Who were the first “freedom fighters” in America?

Sorry. It wasn’t Yankee Doodle Dandy or the Minute Men.

It was Native Americans and kidnapped Africans who very often banded together to fight very effectively against the hired hands (“heroes”) of money people whose goal since Day One was to turn the Americas into a forced labor camp for all races.

Just one example of little known history…

Who invented the sit down strike?

Lucy Gonzales – a Mexican-American/Native American/African-American who married an Irish-American. Driven from Texas, they settled in Chicago and helped lead the world’s first May Day parade, the original Labor Day,

It’s imperative that Americans never learn this history and that the “races” be divided along artificial lines.


We’re much easier to control that way.

Bottom line: There are freedom loving people who are willing to put it on the line and there are sell outs.

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