AP bias in Gaza reporting

The tunnels were built for survival

History repeating itself

I don’t know what’s worse…

The Israeli war party raining bombs down on civilians or the Associated Press, sitting in smug comfort, dishonestly referring to the Gaza tunnels only as “a major weapons pipeline for the Gaza Strip’s Islamic Hamas rulers.”

Associated Press: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Warplanes pressing one of the Israel’s deadliest assaults ever against Palestinian militants widened their sights on Sunday, dropping bombs on smuggling tunnels that are a major weapons pipeline for the Gaza Strip’s Islamic Hamas rulers.

Was this written by a journalist or by a propagandist for the more hateful elements of Israeli society?

As the Nazis did to the Jews, the Israelis have walled the Palestinians into ghettos and prevented them from traveling for work, to receive medical care, to pursue educations or to buy and sell goods.

Shipments of food, medicine, fuel – every material thing urbanized human beings need to live in dignity and health – has been blocked by the Israeli military for months now.

Of course, Palestinians have been digging tunnels.

Would the AP and the Israeli war party prefer they lay down and starve to death?

How about telling the complete truth AP, not just the parts that advance your propagandistic aims? Is it really that hard to for you to do?

If you feel the AP has been biased in their reporting on the Israeli attack on Gaza, you can write them here:

Click here to write to the Associated Press

Ask them why they focus exclusively on one aspect of the tunnels and fail to explain why they were necessary in the first place.

I’m sure they’ll have a slick – “we did nothing wrong” – answer, but write them anyway and let them know that their biased, dishonest reporting is noted.

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