Back to school fear mongering

Brasscheck demolished this fraud in May

The McClatchy Network tries to resurrect it

Last May, the news media led by NBC and fueled by CDC and WHO fraud tried to link the Big “C” with a very rare but serious childhood disease.

It’s four months later and globally presumptive “cases” number less than than 1,000 – even after thousands of pediatricians were told to look for them – and any connection to the Big “C” is weak and circumstantial at best.

Zero science but maximum hysteria.

But that didn’t stop Hayley Fowler of McClatchy to write a fear mongering piece trying to resurrect it.

You can read her fear mongering garbage for yourself and comment on it – and I hope you do. These mouthpieces for the crooks at the CDC need to be publicly called out on their frauds.

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