Clear, concise demolition of the pandemic scam

Sinister, deadly, and anti-democratic forces at work

This might be the final line in the sand

We’ve been producing numerous independent pieces on this topic since the days it was still just a problem in a single Chinese city.

Here’s one of the best, clearest, to-the-point explanations of what’s going on, the forces at work and what we must do.

If you are one of the people who has to oppose or support Trump with your last dying breath, you are part of the problem.

He is irrelevant. The only thing that’s relevant is YOU getting the facts and sharing them with as many people as you can.

Trump’s biggest crimes in this case have been:

1. allowing himself to be led by the nose by self-serving careerist fear mongerers and
2. having no intellectual curiosity about the legions of veteran epidemiologists & physicians who have a different viewpoint.

It’s a failing many of his enemies share.

They are so hellbent on attacking him, they are failing to see the fraud inherent on all of this.

As for Trump supporters, it’s not enough, it’s never enough, to support political figures. We need to do our own research, do our own thinking, and than stand up for what’s right – and not wait for “leaders” to sort it out for us.

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