Coal ash: The source of chemtrails?

Hidden in plain sight

It’s all about logistics

The Chemtrail flu.

Do you have it?

It’s not a flu. It’s not a cold. It’s got respiratory components and it causes chronic fatigue that persists for weeks.

I’ve got it and it’s got me thinking about the ongoing chemtrail spraying program.

Here’s an interesting speculation on the raw material of the spraying program: coal ash.

There are mountains and mountains of coal ash produced every year and chemtrail residue has a chemical fingerprint very similar to coal ash.

Coal ash is very problematic and expensive to dispose of.

The coal industry (Koch Brothers) solution: Sell it to the government and spray it in the atmosphere to “prevent global warming.”

There is a precedent for this:

When the phosphate fertilizer manufacturing industry needed to get rid of its mountains of fluorosilicic acid by product what did it do?

It cooked up a scam (with the help of Edward Bernays) to have it added to drinking water for “health” reasons.

We know this is total BS because in 2013 when researchers submitted a petition that called for the EPA to require the use of pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride, it was rejected.

The current source of fluoride in most public water supplies is fluorosilicic acid, a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. Records show that the acid is often contaminated with arsenic, said William Hirzy, a chemistry researcher at American University in Washington, D.C.

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