Following Blackwater’s example

Insanity in the Olympic security plans

Security is a lucrative business – for crooks

In the 1990s, Blackwater developed a lucrative business model which has, since, been copied by many.

One of these copies, G4S, a London based security company with 618,000 employees world wide, followed Blackwaters blueprint for “success” during the 2012 Olympics.

It’s a miracle nothing disastrous happened.

Here’s just a few of their “advanced” security practices:

– Ban the Media from reporting on security
– Disallow London police in security operations
– Disallow experienced security personnel in supervisory positions
– Use military personnel as trainers
– Allow trainees to engage in illegal behaviors
– Allow trainees to photograph secure areas
– Turn off metal detectors during high crowd traffic
– Plan for the worst case scenario
(i.e. evacuate London, have hundreds of casket liners available)

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