“He reloaded the gun five times”

Not as easy as in the movies

Watch the video, study the pic, read the commentary

There’s a problem with the “he reloaded five times” scenario and it’s this:

Reloading a semi-automatic pistol is not rocket science, but it’s not as easy as it looks in the movies.

But first let’s look at another problem: Surveillance photos show Roof entering the building. He’s wearing a pretty tight upper body garment and it sure looks like he’s wearing body armor. (Look at the black thing hanging below his crotch.)

The handgun is not in his hand and it doesn’t appear to be holstered and concealed anywhere on the front of his body. It would be VERY obvious if it was. (Read on)

Of course, it might well have been holstered behind him.

Problem #1 is the tight upper body garment and the body armor would have made that handgun stand out especially through his light colored clothes. Would a prayer group of people in an urban area who all knew each other really not give a total – and weird looking stranger – at least a once-over? If they did, the body armor and the handgun would have been apparent.

Problem #2 is the magazines. If he in fact did reload five times, where did he have the magazines?

This may seem like a trivial question, but it’s not. For a version of events to make sense, the LOGISTICS needs to make sense. The magazines – FIVE of them – had to BE somewhere. They could not materialize out of the blue like in a dream.

Where were they?

They don’t appear to be on the front of his body.

They would not fit in his pockets (they’re pretty big.) And even if he had super deep and spacious pockets, it would be very unwieldy especially under pressure to fish them out, one at a time, align then properly and load them.

The only other place they could be would be behind him. Unwieldy to get at and pretty darn obvious. A single magazine is roughly 40% the size of the handgun itself (call it 50% for easy math.) That means in addition to the handgun, he also hid objects equaling two and half times the handgun for a total of three and a half handgun sized objects.

Remember his upper body garment it TIGHT. These objects would have “printed” on his back and looked pretty damn strange even to the most trusting and naive person on earth.

Now we get to the issue of loading the magazines into the handgun.

#1. It’s very easy to jam a semi-automatic handgun and magazines jam all the time, especially if you don’t load them just so.

#2. Where did he have the magazines? Did he have to reach into his deep pockets to get one or reach behind himself? Neither of these are efficient or even reliable. Under the pressure of combat, this would have been very difficult to pull off smoothly. (Shooting at live people up close and personal is very disturbing and requires training. It’s not something you learn “on the job.”).

The ideal scenario is that he would have laid the magazines all out on the table on front of him for quick and easy access. That would have given him a chance to reload reasonably quickly, but of course it would have made the whole thing very obvious.

If he laid out the magazines before he started shooting…no good. Too obvious.

If after emptying one magazine and then clearing it, he had to get the new ones (from his pocket, from his back?) and then lay them out in front of himself…no good. Too long a delay.

But there’s also a long delay between clearing and re-inserting magazines if he did not do something to put those magazines in easy reach.

Therefore the story that he reloaded five times and no one tried to interfere with him while in the middle of the process is very strange.

But in order to explain all the deaths, he had to fire many times. More than one magazine’s worth of rounds at least.

Contrary to the movies, it’s very possible to miss with a handgun and miss repeatedly at even very close range. It’s also not easy to kill someone with one shot. It can happen, but 9 for 9 (with one dying in the hospital) is the work of a super soldier.

Reports say he fired wildly. How anyone knows this is also suspect, but lets’ assume it’s true.

If he fired wildly in a setting like that, then he is not a trained marksman.

And if he is not a trained marksman, the odds that he could quickly and smoothly clear and reload his handgun under combat stress when his magazines were in hard to access places are close to zero.

So what do we have here?

We have a story that does not make logistical sense.

What does make sense?

I don’t know, but there might have been one or more people lurking in the building who came in after he fired the first shot and finished the actual job. He being so zonked out on drugs and hypnotic suggestion he may actually believe he was there alone.

Also reports are that he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, but either the gun jammed or he was out of bullets.

He was probably intended to die right there which would have made the non-investigation and non-reporting much easier.

By the way, NOW “investigators” are finding his online “Manifesto.” Really? You mean in this world of Internet whiz-kids, it wasn’t found in about 5 seconds as soon as his name was revealed?

Also, this high school dropout-dimwit had the sophistication to pick this specific church with all its historical resonance to “send a message.”? BULLSHIT!

Someone picked this site, but I seriously doubt it was him.

Also, what a coincidence that the shooting occurred June 17, two days before “Juneteeth”, a very important day in the black community.

This event was probably engineered to turn church people and black people against the private ownership of guns, a grand irony since the owning of and willingness to use firearms was one of the most important factors in the fight for Civil Rights in the South in the 1960s (Look it up if you’re ignorant of this much suppressed historical fact.)

Other problems:

1. Where were the ambulances? Nine people shot? There should have been a traffic jam of them.
2. Where’s the footage of him LEAVING the building?
3. Where’s the blood?

(Now do you see why Facebook and Google and others want to screw with our channel. NO ONE is reporting these things in the clear, reality-based way we do..)

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