“Kill everything that moves”

The unvarnished history of the Vietnam War

America’s downfall

Until America come to grips with a few ugly realities of its history, the US as we know it has little chance of surviving.

In fact, because of a consistent failure to address reality, the degeneration of the country has reached a kind of terminal velocity.

These basic realities are:

1. The Vietnam War and all the wars the US has been involved in since World War II were unprovoked, unnecessary acts of aggression executed with maximum sadism directed and covered up from the top.

2. The assassination of John F. Kennedy and scores that followed – up to this day – though reported as lone nut murderers, overdoses and suicides, were in fact carried out by a cadre of government trained killers.

3. The perversion of medicine, science, education, law, finance, education, journalism and just about every conceivable profession with the corrupt being elevated and those with integrity driven out or marginalized.

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