Sandy Hook: The Gun Range Myth and other media-created fantasies

Everything were told is wrong

Videos censored by Google/YouTube

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We’ve screened and edited over 100 hours of commentary on the Sandy Hook (Newtown) shooting.

Our written commentary appears below after the videos.

The key issues in this story are best covered in the videos that appear on these pages.

How he got in

AR-15 Reality Check

The Mysterious Lanza Family

Who was “Adam” Lanza?

What do you know about Nancy Lanza?

1. She was a “prepper”

2. She owned a legally registered AR-15

3. She took her son Adam shooting.

When did you “learn” these things?

Very early on, right?

What was the source of this “information?”

Here’s some facts:

1. The Wall Street Journal sent a reporter to visit all the gun ranges in the area to find where Nancy and Adam Lanza went shooting.


No gun range within a 50 mile radius ever saw them.

2. Connecticut has some of the the strictest gun laws in the nation.

So-called “assault rifles” were already banned in the state.

Thus, is Nancy Lanza did own this gun, she did not own it legally.

3. Nanzy Lanza was a “prepper”


Who says so?

Where’s the evidence?

An “unnamed source” very soon after the crime occurred – with no follow up evidence.

What else do we know about Nancy Lanza?

What was her profession? Where did she work? Where did she grow up? Who were her parents, siblings, extended family?

We know nothing. Zero.

Why is that?

Yet we “know” she was a prepper, she was gun owner and she practiced shooting at local gun ranges.

All false.

If these “early facts” are false, what else is?


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