Surgeon General wants to reopen, news media say “not interested”

Commentary from Rashid Buttar MD

Where are the doctors?

One of the most articulate people exposing the CoVid-19 scam is veteran MD Rashid Buttar.

In this video, he points out a number of things including Surgeon General plans to re-open the economy which no one in the news media is interested in hearing – or telling you about.

Why aren’t we hearing from more doctors?

1. They’re afraid of having their licenses challenged
2. If they work for the government, they don’t want to get off the gravy train
3. If they’re academics, they don’t want to lose their funding
4. If they work for hospitals, they don’t want to lose their jobs
5. If they’re Pharma-whores, they don’t want to piss off the rep who arranges for their free vacations

In short, this is a profession that has largely been co-opted and at this point, they barely deserve the designation of profession.

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