The little war that could

Revisiting the Grenada invasion

The murder of a natural leader

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After the Vietnam War, pretty much the entire US populace was sick of war and militarism.

The idea that we would ever again get involved in aggressive overseas “adventures” was unthinkable.

Of course, now we’re everywhere and now openly antagonizing Russia and China.

How did this happen?

One word: Grenada.

The little, mostly forgotten military action by Ronald Reagan that put the US back on the road to total war, all the time and everywhere.

How did Reagan and his bloodthirsty clients do it?

They portrayed the building of an airport built to facilitate tourism as a sinister plot to prepare for an attack on the US by “the communists.”

In the process of the invasion, Maurice Bishop, one of the most important and enlightened leaders in the history of the Afro-Caribbean was murdered.

Grenada was followed by the attack on Panama which was followed by Bush I’s “successful” attack on Iraqi forces which was followed by Clinton I’s relentless destruction of Iraq’s civilian infrastructure and his attack on Yugoslavia, which like the current Syrian atrocity, was portrayed as a “humanitarian” effort.


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