The one book that accidentally explains everything

“78 Days of Terror”


Brasscheck’s new book “78 Days of Terror: The US-Led NATO Attack on the Civilians of Yugoslavia”

When did the rapacious multi-national corporations of the world suddenly become humanity’s “best buddy” with rainbows and unicorns promised for all?

What is the one intelligence agency that rules them all…including the U.S. military?

Who planned and really commanded the assault on Waco?

How NATO is used to provoke violent conflict in a never-ending assault on Russian and Slavic people, literally attempting to complete the work the Nazi’s failed at.

Why did NATO engage in a 78 day military assault against the civilian population of the former Yugoslavia including Serbians and people living in the province of Kosovo?

It’s all answered in this newly-published book based on my reporting on the war in the former Yugoslavia in 1999.

Get it, read it, share it.

Literally, no one else has this stuff and ties it all together.