The toxic legacy of ACT-UP

The roots of the Co-VID con

“To err is human. To persist in error is diabolical”

Additional commentary:

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A short list of eminent people who called BS on Fauci and the HIV=AIDS=Death Fraud who were shouted down and/or ignored by the news media and “AIDS activists.”

* Luc Montagnier – Virologist, Nobel Prize winner for discovery of the HIV virus
* Kerry Mullis – Biochemist, Nobel Prize winner for the invention of the PCR test which he said should never be used as a diagnostic test
* Charles Thomas – Former Professor of microbiology at Harvard University
* Peter Duesberg – Professor of molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley,personally attacked by Fauci – ARTICLE
* John Lauristen – Harvard trained statistician and lifetime gay rights advocate
* Terry Michael – Journalist, former communications director of the DNC and gay rights advocate

See the film that puts it all together – “Fauci’s First Fraud”



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