Torture from Chicago to Guantanamo

Chicago cop perfected his torture techniques at home

Tortured and jailed for crimes they did not commit

The psychopath responsible for these crimes – Richard P. Zuley – has never been prosecuted.

In fact, he collects a comfortable pension from the Chicago police while he draws a second government paycheck from the Chicago Department of Public Health.

From Wikipedia:

Richard Zuley was an American interrogator. He developed a reputation as being able to coerce confessions from suspects during his 37 years with the Chicago Police Department.

Zuley was also an officer in the United States Navy Reserve, who was placed in charge of the interrogation of Guantanamo captive Mohamedou Ould Slahi.

Slahi was one of a small number of Guantanamo captive for whom Secretary of Defense authorized the use of extended interrogation techniques that legal scholars and human rights critics have characterized as torture.

Zuley spent 37 years as an officer in Chicago Police Department, 25 of those years as a detective.

He spent the final years of his service as an instructor at the department’s training academy, where he helped found a counter-terrorism training division.

Upon his retirement he accepted a position as an emergency manager at the Chicago Department of Public Health.

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