Why we have gasoline instead of renewable fuel

The mysterious out-of-the-blue “Prohibition”

Prohibition ended when Standard Oil finished the build out of its national gas station network

A crazy shutdown pre-engineered to usher in “progress”…

Has it ever happened before?

Yes it has.

A surprising chapter of deeply, deeply censored history.

Everyone accepts the “normality” of Prohibition.

Think about it. A few temperance activists succeeded in convincing a hard drinking Congress to shut down the alcohol industry.

Does that make any sense at all?

Not if you think about it.

So why did it really happen?

Cars used to run on farmer-produced ethanol.

Standard Oil had a major toxic waste disposal problem.

They solved it by declaring their waste “gasoline” and working with people like Ford and others to create engines that ran on it.

The next step was to kill the competition: literally.

Alcohol (ethanol) manufacturing – especially by small scale producers – was turned into a crime.

As soon as Standard Oil has its national distribution system in place and “gas” was cheaper and easier than ethanol to run cars on, suddenly alcohol was no longer such a big problem.

A Brasscheck original: Is it all a big toxic waste disposal scheme?

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