The Market Street Police Riot:
Step by Step

Police officer pushing photographer Bennett Hall
against squad car


Bennett Hall, a commercial photographer with a large studio on Powell Street, parts from a friend at approximately 7:20 PM and takes his camera down to Market Street to photograph the cyclists. The scene was peaceful.

Police vehicles suddenly drive into the cyclists blocking their path and the woman in yellow is cited. Hall takes pictures of the scene. A police officer orders him to stand back on the curb. He complies. As he is continuing to shoot, a police officer strikes his camera and drags him into the street and pushes him up against a police car.

At this point Hall's camera is still in his right hand. It is a $4,000 working tool he depends on for his livelihood. Seconds later, the officer threatens him: "I'll break your arm if you don't let go of that camera."

The camera ends up on the street where it is picked up by a woman who hands it to a man with the instructions: "Take it to the Chronicle." (The Chronicle is one block away.)

  • Hall is arrested. The police claim he hit the arresting police officer on the head with his $4,000 camera.
  • Amber Colliton, the woman who picked up the camera, is arrested. She remained in jail until all charges against her were dropped the following Tuesday.
  • Eugene Hill, the pedestrian who received the camera from Colliton is tackled, clubbed, kicked, pepper sprayed, and arrested. The police claim that while lying on the ground after being tackled Hall pulled a police officer off his feet by grabbing his ankles. Hall and Hill still face assault charges.

    There were 34 shots taken on Hall's camera. Police have refused to answer telephone calls from attorneys about its whereabouts or the condition of the film on it.

    Source: Still camera #1


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