The Looting of San Francisco - 1997

Banner on City Hall reads:
"Keep the City Smog Free Spare the Air this Summer
Call 1-800-HELP-AIR"

But if your bicycle slows down Willie Brown's limosine
on the way to a party - watch out

How Mayor Willie Brown and friends are looting the City and County of San Francisco

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  • City Hall "retrofit" conversion: From public building to private party palace
  • Anything for Eddie: Willie Brown and the collapse of free and genuine elections in San Francisco
  • Hundreds of millions of city tax dollars not properly accounted for
  • Uncooperative journalists harassed by Brown's staff
  • Brown's obsession with gambling: When is a "mall," not a mall?
  • A glimpse into how the State Assembly was run when Willie Brown was in charge
  • A multimillion dollar gift to the Kaufman's courtesy of the city treasury
  • And much, much more if you want it. There's no shortage of pointers.

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