These stills were taken from a video shot the day after the vote when the Director of Elections Office was open to press and cameras. Notice the woman to the left with the official visitors badge.
This is Georgia Dunn, an inner circle member of Mayor Brown's political staff. Our sources indicate she was placed at the Director of Elections Office two months before the vote - at Brown's command - in order to insure "a smooth election." She, and another member of Brown's political staff, Jill Lerner, supervised elections workers.
Dunn is a close personal friend of Jim Wunderman, a political consultant to the 49ers. He ran part of the field operation of the stadium campaign. He's been on the 49er payroll for approximately one year.
Note the large stack of papers on her desk. They appear to be computer printouts. By the way, the election was anything but smooth: polling places changed without notice, over 100 ballot boxes disappearing for hours at a time, poll workers wearing clothing with 49er insignia. etc.

Additional photos from the Elections Office:

  • Germaine Wong. San Francisco's nominal Director of Elections.
  • Steve Nelson. The man who insures "smooth elections"
    and the local press never talks about.

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