Jim Ross, who the press refers to as the "leader" of the anti-stadium forces, tells Germaine Wong that he sees no reason to challenge the election. Wong thanks him profusely. Ross, a former employee of Jack Davis, the man who ran the 49ers campaign (with a crucial assist in the last month from Barry Wyatt), is a professional political consultant whose prime concern is being re-hired by Davis, the main contractor in SF politics.
Germaine Wong, SF Director of Elections, is not in charge of the administration of San Francisco elections and hasn't been since 1995. Steve Nelson is. Yet the local press persists on placing the focus on Wong. Mayor Brown has publicly threatened to fire her on several occasions, yet miraculously she stays employed. Meanwhile, Steve Nelson and other Brown operatives who actually run the election office, are never subject to public scrutiny. Some town, huh?
Where is the local media, you might ask? The elections office was open to reporters the day this video was shot and the local press and TV stations were well represented. Note the broadcast quality news camera. These shots were taken with a camcorder by our favorite San Francisco Reporter, Peter Byrne.

Additional photos from the Elections Office:

  • Georgia Dunn. A member of Brown's political staff stationed
    in the Elections Office two months before the election.
  • Steve Nelson. The man who insures "smooth elections" and
    the local press never talks about.

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